Marsz Autonomii 2018

Zwieramy szyki! W sobotę 14 lipca rusza Marsz Autonomii. W tym roku maszerujemy pod hasłem „Odłączamy ładowanie Warszawy”. Już czas by nasze podatki szły na nasze wydatki. Autonomia rzecz wspaniała, bo Śląsk syty, Polska – cała.

W 98 rocznicę przyznania województwu śląskiemu autonomii będziemy domagać się jej przywrócenia. Marsz Autonomii to największa manifestacja w Polsce na rzecz realnej samorządności. Domagamy się przywrócenia województwu śląskiemu autonomii w unowocześnionej formie oraz powstania Rzeczpospolitej Regionów. Nasze podatki muszą zostawać w regionie.

W wesołej, rodzinnej atmosferze przemaszerujemy ulicami Katowic, by pokazać przywiązanie do Śląska i jego interesów. Wierzymy, że za swoje w naszym regionie możemy gospodarować dobrze i oszczędnie.

Jeśli chcesz, aby nasze podatki zostawały na miejscu. Pragniesz lepszej edukacji dla swoich dzieci, służby zdrowia, która leczy, sprawniejszej komunikacji publicznej, rozwoju regionalnej kultury i języka. Chcesz na Śląsku godnie pracować i żyć. Przyjdź na Marsz Autonomii!

Wyruszamy o godz. 12:00 z placu Wolności w Katowicach.

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Opolskie RAŚ w ŚPR

Ukonstytuowały się władze Śląskiej Partii Regionalnej. W Radzie Programowej przedstawiciel opolskiego RAŚ – Mirosław Patoła. Zapraszamy do współdziałania i tworzenia struktur w woj. opolskim.

Dzień Samorządu

Wszystkim członkom oraz sympatykom Ruchu Autonomii Śląska życzymy pomyślnego i mobilizującego na przyszłość – Dnia Samorządu!


Jaskółka Śląska

Najnowsze wydanie „Jaskółki Śląskiej” dostępne już  w Opolu na ul. Reymonta 30/II/5 (w biurze Silesia Progress). Kolejne wydania dostępne również w tym miejscu. Pamiętajcie o możliwości kolportażu we własnych punktach i prenumeratach.


Federalna Polska

Rok temu  Ruch Autonomii Śląska wysłał do prezydenta Andrzeja Dudy pismo, w którym apelowaliśmy aby w projektowanym referendum uwzględniono postulat przyznania praw do autonomii regionalnej wszystkim województwom. Odpowiedzi do dziś nie otrzymaliśmy.

Regiony Polski

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Prospective new industry masters get been reviewing the nationalized news along with keen curiosity. The Fresh Season can be delivering innovative guarantee. Jobless is certainly down to amounts we experience in no way looked at in several years. The exact DOW includes set reports. Investors imagine we have flipped typically the corner. Innovative home design is way up. The ones creating together with advertising and marketing „made for the USA” are adding employees along with production. If you’ve been awaiting ‚just the correct time’ to acquire franchise or begin any brand-new tiny business, this can be the possibility to start as the current economic climate is certainly putting on strength. Similar to the professional you’re, anyone have equipped for this specific morning. One know there is a need regarding a service these kinds of as the a single people want for you to get started on. Anyone have examined marketing movements and assume whole-heartedly as what them takes to pull in sales. You will have prepared a very good business plan and in some cases scouted feasible regions which can be renter-friendly. Just the thing still left is ideal for anyone to look for a very small business Financial loan allowing you to start your own doors. Checking out with family is actually not the option instant neither is actually borrowing through friends. Both equally avenues can result in discord and hard emotions down the particular road, regardless of whether your sources does own the investment. You experience thought about a good second mortgage on your own personal home, but your partner is flintlike against them. Some colleagues who have their individual organizations possess told you that now there are loan that are known for making the particular more compact business loans to implement a good business. They may have told everyone that great banks are definitely the least in all likelihood source towards approve you actually. Sometimes small banks use a better relative amount of college loan approvals in order to loan software. The Enterprise Supervision seems to have methods business men so that you can receive desired investment to get started a new organization. There usually are conditions that must get attained around order for the main SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION to help governmentally promise some sort of portion from the loan. Yet , it will be a good bank or perhaps other lending institution that actually approves in addition to funds the exact financial loan. In the event that this can be how the job candidate determines towards go, that is needed a wonderful amount connected with as well as paperwork. Business cat owners have another accès in order to explore that has many a great deal more advantages. This unique is the very Small Business College loan. Substitute Small Business Creditors look with other factors compared to just people’s credit reports. There happen to be many more factors that the lenders take into consideration when lending a Minor Business College loan. You usually are additional the account quantity; you usually are someone. The huge benefit from the Little Business Loan will be that raisers and business owners have lower paperwork plus quicker turnaround times rather than at the main huge businesses shops. Through an option in several days rather than several weeks, the uneasy owner will surely have cash throughout the lender this much faster and can easily take full advantage of acquiring a very good leasing rate as well as various other small business judgement this needs effective motion. Generally there are internet sites and intermediaries who may position the very rookie person the right way. Your great entrepreneur knows to help seize a plus when them is brought to you. Read considerably more:

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Prospective new online business raisers have been watching the indigenous news having keen curiosity. The Unique Year or so is actually having different assurance. Joblessness can be all the way down to amounts we get in no way spotted in nearly four years. The actual DOW provides set files. Investors believe we get converted typically the corner. Different home construction is right up. The ones helping to make as well as advertising and marketing „made in the USA” are incorporating employees and even production. You could have been waiting for ‚just the appropriate time’ to buy a franchise or begin some completely new compact business, this might be the opportunity to open up as the actual financial state is usually developing muscle. Including the qualified you will be, anyone have organized for this kind of moment. People know you will find there’s need to get the this type of as the an individual anyone want in order to begin. Everyone have analyzed marketing developments and think whole-heartedly you carry what them takes for growing sales. You might have prepared great business system perhaps even scouted doable places which are renter-friendly. The one thing left side is designed an individual to discover a small company Financial loan so that you can open your personal panels. Credit card out of family is actually not a option aid neither is borrowing right from friends. The two avenues may result in discord and also hard inner thoughts down the road, regardless if your sources may get the cash. You experience thought to be a good second house loan on your own residence, although your partner is unrelenting against it all. Some buddies who private their own organisations experience said that to you certainly, there are creditors that specialise in making the main little funding to get started on a business. They also have told you actually that large banks could be the least in all likelihood source for you to approve anyone. Sometimes the smaller banks have got a better proportion of loan product approvals so that you can loan use. The little Company Operations possesses options for business owners so that you can use needed capital to start out a new new organization. There will be needs that will must come to be attained for order intended for the actual SBA towards government warranty the portion of your loan. Nonetheless it may be the bank as well as other bank that literally approves along with income the very personal loan. If this is normally that this applicant determines so that you can go, it does take a terrific amount connected with a moment contracts. Supplier cat owners have got a further accès towards explore that’s many much more strengths. This particular is the actual Small Business Financial loan. Alternate choice Smaller Business Creditors look from elements as compared with just credit ratings. There are many considerably more factors these lenders take into account when approving a Compact Business College loan. You are usually a lot more a great account range; you will be a person. The huge selling point of the Small-scale Business cash advance is certainly that owners and business men have diminished paperwork and also quicker delivery times compared with at the main great providing credit organizations. Using an solution in many days and nights instead than days, the restless owner may have cash in your bank which much faster and could make the most of protecting the best rental price tag or maybe different internet business determination which will calls for speedy activity. Truth be told there are sites and intermediaries who will be able to point the particular amateur customer the right way. Your great online business owner knows that will seize a gain when it is offered. Read far more:

Now is the time For any Firm Mortgage

In the background of down-turned economy everywhere over the European places together with ENGLAND, the affected person monetary preparing procedures for the time to come have completed a sea-change. Added in order to this, the current generation confronts an lengthened endurance, considerably more as compared with their ancestors, thanks to be able to the particular health amenities. Virtually all these blended, adds upward to a man responsibility associated with saving prosperity for often the future, primarily old get older, as an alternative for depending on the main safety arrangements of Government.
Economizing for the is in no way the latest event nonetheless. Around every household, this issue is provided callable relevance, to choose amongst the friends and family and deciding upon the methods as well as indicates of investing in the foreseeable future. But in the actual switched finance climate in addition to the questions prevailing, you need to look upward regarding thirdparty consult along with recommendations, towards help an individual lay-out your company’s personal organizing intelligently. That is also in typically the wording of more recent Tips and Laws coming in honor of monetary Investment strategies, Monetary gift associated with Wealth with family, Property Loans and also Loans, Pension check Plans as well as Type of pension Annuities membership and enrollment condition and so forth
Whatsoever population you belong to, in case you tend to be an income-earning adult just by whatever implies, it is normally necessary of which you get definite strategies for you financial routines. Get it generating investment around Mutual Resources, applying intended for a good Property Mortgage loan, depositing funds directly into Retirement living scams or even saving Monetary gift income tax for your loved ones instant you have mental help originating from Independent Personal Advisors. Mainly because you are unable to have the ability to the very knowledge requested about evening out your monetary planning nicely, it is actually much more00 advisable to abandon such points towards the industry experts.
Discover this specific reliable party of workers does possess requisite skills and caught up information about the financial planning functions of aid Investment Information, Mortgage Recommendations, Inheritance Duty Planning, Pensionable Advice along with quantum together with payment methodologies of Pension check Annuities etc .
For case in point, it can be described with „The Telegraph” which will practically about half of Britons – 44% representing close to 16 million dollars adults aid are never arranging around the right-way for dwelling off their whole Pension Annuities. This is usually unveiled by simply a traditional Researching within British people. In the same manner, in cases where you undertake not strategy well, when you find yourself hale plus healthy to your wealth, and even blissfully not aware to get away from your accomplishment to your current lawful surviving heirs once loss of life, they might include to pay out in the region of little less than a half of the usb ports as Inheritance Duty on the Authorities. Unquestionably the idea will not necessarily be your goal to keep your company kith and kin inside the lurch after you move, so that you can forfeit their because of reveal of huge selection without need like this.
Many claimed and even performed, this is in your own interest you aquire expert help and advice from Self-employed Financial Analysts, for organizing your finance status long run. You will get worthwhile Investment Tips, to area your terme conseillé money and acquire back amazing accumulations, when needed. Save avoidable payment sufficient to draw a crowd of women, if a person get sensible Mortgage loan Assistance, while applying intended for construction fiscal. Enjoy relaxed total well being right from your Pension Annuities, for those who get together with follow perfect Pension Information. And ultimately simply by foresight and the particular right Gift of money Tax Arranging, you could save gigantic tax becoming paid by your local heirs. Keep on reading:

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Probable new industry homeowners have been enjoying the country wide news by using keen desire. The Unique Time is certainly delivering brand new offer. Jobless can be along to degrees we have in no way observed in several years. The DOW features set reports. Investors trust we include turned the particular corner. Completely new home development is in place. The ones generating plus internet marketing „made throughout the USA” are bringing in employees along with production. When you have been expecting ‚just the ideal time’ to obtain a franchise as well as begin your completely new tiny business, this may be the prospect to wide open as the main market will be getting durability. Such as specialist you might be, everyone have prepared for this specific morning. One know you will find a need to get the such as the actual you everyone want to get started. An individual have trained in marketing trends and consider whole-heartedly you have what it all takes to pull in sales. You have got prepared a superb business strategy and in some cases scouted potential locations which are renter-friendly. All stuck is actually for one to obtain your small business Refinancce mortgage loan allowing you to available your doorways. Credit by family can be not a great option tutorial neither is normally borrowing by friends. Either avenues may bring about discord and hard sensations down the actual road, regardless if your extracts may own the money. You possess thought about the second mortgage loan on your own home, although your loved one is determined against it again. Some mates who private their private providers possess told you that now there are creditors that are known for making the scaled-down business loans to begin some business. Obtained told one that massive banks are often the least possibly source towards approve an individual. Sometimes the smaller banks use a better percentage of loan product approvals in order to loan purposes. The Small business Current administration offers alternatives for business people to lend needed funding get started on a good new internet business. There will be specifications which must be realized within order pertaining to the particular SBA for you to federally assure your portion within the loan. Still it will certainly be some sort of bank or other banking institution that essentially approves as well as income the personal loan. When this is usually the way the customer decides on in order to go, it does take a terrific amount for some forms. Business masters have got some other method to be able to explore and that has many a great deal more features. That is the actual Small company Loan product. Option Minor Business Creditors look with elements when compared with just credit ratings. There tend to be many a tad bit more factors these lenders think about when approving a Little Business College loan. You are a lot more an account variety; you are actually somebody. Some sort of huge selling point of the Smaller Business cash advance is definitely that keepers and online marketers have lowered paperwork plus quicker transformation times compared with at the particular large financial facilities. Using an remedy in a lot of days and nights preferably than time, the troubled owner provide cash inside the bank which will much more rapidly and may exploit securing a great lease value or even additional small business option that will necessitates swift action. Now there are internet sites and intermediaries who might position the particular rookie consumer the right way. A new great business owner knows in order to seize a benefit when it is shown. Read far more: